Author Promotions

Before I took on the challenge of producing Promoting You for authors to use a highly visible platform to promote their work, website, app and blog posts, I visited authors’ sites to find out for myself what they were like, how they were promoting their work and how many visitors they had – all incognito of course!  I found that many have difficulty getting their work out to a wider audience, even though they were following the rules of marketing.   Promoting You for authors had a distinct impact in my mind and I had to get something up and running to serve authors better, by going that extra mile.  This has been accomplished – although an almost impossible feat – and has shown many how their work can go above and beyond the minimal traffic they get to their own sites.  And all this – for free!



For Podcasts, I experienced just how brilliant an author’s work can be.  People love images and they love to hear their favourite author or artiste speak, and our Podcasts provide authors with more than just a photograph or link to their video.  They provide real-world, timeless results that make memories go beyond being cherished.