Olive Branch in Wimbourne

A gentle stroll around #Wimborne, Dorset made me hungry, so my friend and I popped into a pub just off the main road called The Olive Branch. A welcoming smile from a pretty young blonde helped us to identify which area we would like to sit in. There were a few to choose from and separate coffee, beer and wine bars served them all.

Watching the chefs through a hole in the wall was one of the highlights of the quick visit we made to this beer bar/coffee shop/restaurant.

Once we were seated in the casual #dining area, we scanned the massive plastic covered menus and placed our order with the friendly waitress, it took around twenty minutes for our meal to arrive.

Brown Bricks and Golden Wood

While we waited we studied the decor. To me, it was trying to be an ‘up-market’ chic London pub with lots of options available for different tastes. I could take in the beautiful brown bricks and gorgeous golden wood of the tables, but on closer inspect, the iron legs were reminiscent of a builder’s scaffolding. Perhaps in an attempt to capture as wide a market as possible, the decor was designed to cause an interest and intrigue.

Granted, the vendors could be forgiven for the many ‘rooms’ to dine in, as there was rather a large space to fill.

Quite possibly during the evening the place heaved with bodies but, this was a sunny Sunday afternoon, and one of the hottest I had experienced for a long time. Hence, everyone was dressed in shorts, t-shirts and floral frocks, and had decided to dine alfresco.

Silver Service?

The ham, egg and chips arrived, served by a waiter who must have been trained in the Silver Service of yester-year. Put in front of me, the poor food left much to be desired (image above). A thin and a thick wedge of ham lay beneath two fried, dried, eggs and no more than eleven chips (frozen) accompanied them.

The piccalilli was an odd choice, I must admit.

I had to wonder at the distinct lack of greenery. A lettuce leaf wouldn’t have gone amiss. Apart from its presentation, which I quite liked on a pretty blue plate, I tucked in and found it to be a tasty dish.

That said, unfortunately, the #hamburger (priced at £13.50) was a wee bit of a let-down. Burned and hard, and accompanied by a bunch of frozen #McDonald-type thin cut chips, as well as a suspicious looking sauce smeared over the top, made my dining partner such an unhappy chappy that he sent it back – a first for him!


While the service was impeccable, with friendly wait and bar staff, the decor was beautifully ingenious, the place was a little let down by the menu.  So vast and all-inclusive it was a little confusing for me.  Sadly,  the meal itself could have been a little larger.

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