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Joy Cottage, Chawton, Hampshire. Photo: Kaye Bewley


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Barometer, Shanklin, Isle of Wight. Photo: Kaye Bewley


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travelling the great british isles

Kaye Bewley takes you on the journey and helps you feel the experience through all your senses.

Jane Austen’s local pub. Photo: Kaye Bewley

As a writer, I’m known for getting the low down on the locals, figuring out the lingo and unearthing places off the beaten track as well as enjoying the popular hot spots.

I take my own photographs and, when I don’t, I find a postcard that’s more than apt – or ask my pals at Pixabay for a suitable image.

My philosophy is to:

  • leave the place as you find it
  • immerse yourself in its history, and
  • talk to people who live in the area

Trust me, if you follow these simple rules, you’ll discover lots more than if you just read the available literature.

Come with me on my journey round the Great British Isles, and find out more about the Brits and how our ancestors have lived and how we live today.